New Practices on eLINC Clinical Repository: Dr. Stephen Murphy

What is eLINC and

how does it benefit me, as a health care provider?


eLINC is a private health information exchange (HIE) associated with the Winchester Hospital network of care. eLINC was developed to help give you the information you need to provide your patients with safe, high-quality health care. With the eLINC HIE, a consenting patient’s health information may be stored in one location, may be shared among participating providers and may be securely emailed via direct messaging.


By joining eLINC you will have the opportunity to provide safer, more efficient health care with access to longitudinal patient records and improved communication. For example, during a patient visit, you may search the eLINC HIE system and examine patient records at the point of care. You may securely share information and message other providers involved in the patient’s care. Among other advantages, these efficiencies help avoid duplicative testing, incomplete allergy information or delays in appropriate care.




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