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DIRECT Messaging

  • What is DIRECT Messaging?


    • DIRECT messaging allows you to exchange health information between health care entities (primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and clinical labs) in a trusted network. DIRECT messaging functions like a regular e-mail with additional security measures to ensure that messages are only accessible to the intended recipient, per the protection regulations of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


    • A DIRECT address is needed to exchange health information. (Winhosp email is NOT a DIRECT address)
      • Example:


    • Benefits of having a DIRECT address:
      • Replaces non-secure fax, phone, mail, and other courier methods for delivery of PHI
      • Allows physicians to exchange structured data for importing into electronic health records (EHRs)
      • Enables physicians to meet Meaningful use


    • DIRECT Options: Not all vendor DIRECT addresses can communicate with each other.
    1. Vendor DIRECT: is preferable as you may not need to leave the EMR to check messages.
    2. eLINC DIRECT: This account will be assigned for the practice, anyone associated with the practice may have an account or one group account can be used for the practice. The practice will need to have  an administrator on the account.
  • How do I locate a provider's DIRECT address?


    Directory search instructions: COMING SOON!


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